Don't do that Venezuela China and Venezuela to sign big oil deals(Reuters)Updated: 2007-03-25 09:37 ___________________________________________________________________________ Politicians must do things as per the history lessons. China Communist is the one you must not have any deal with them. Even Bin Laden said like that. China communist not the same like Cuba, they don't want the burden to TAKE CARE the powerless weakest, yet they want the absolute force on their hands, they are slaves, they are not warriors. They have lots evil records on files that the broke 酒店打工n with their own "Gwall,Mean,Down" Party. They seeing their own formal Military sacrificed lives to defend their country decency in the WWII like nothing, they seeing those who fight Dynasty to free the people's unselfish sacrifice like nothing, they seeing MouJerDong's good will like nothing. Not mention they are the suspected the most evil doers who not willing to follow their own good King's order to dry out to get peaceful ending for all the good of the human being's blood rema 襯衫inings, this may explain how come Chinese too evil to respect the law and order, even their Taiwan current head ChenSuiBian who has Chinese blooded remaining acting like them. You Venezuela needs to know that you are like them having the evil doer's blood remaining, therefore, you have no right to act like you are the King, if you do, you deserve to be killed, this may explain how come any Nation lost their Kingdom, must be honestly to have the guts to governed under democRATic system, because none of us des 酒店兼職erve to be the absolute King any more. You Venezuela must cut any tie with Communist China or Taiwan unless they can show all of us that they are good enough to have their own nation united peacefully. They don't even have the good will to elect a good man good enough to lead them to have a united China, how dare you think they good enough to help you to have better future? Any Nation can live independently without out of their nation's supply, you cannot help your Country live independently without rely on other place to sup 票貼ply you daily needs, you must not be the leader of that nation. How come I can be better than them to give you advise? Because I slave no one in my whole life, I love God more than any man, I have the strength to stay home to please God's order of woman good natural. Oil is God bless to your land, if you dare to use it to feed the evil doers's head, you can certain your deadly ahead. Yes, our loving God loves all of us no matter what, however, our loving God is righteous God who guard us only when we are in God's place, once we lost our go 宜蘭民宿od level to falling into ghost hands, the ghost won't respect your evil, coward mind and the ghost has no problem to kill as many evil doers as they can, because ghost does not want any one of us to give any more birth so that they can stay in the between not coming into this world to fall into unspeakable horrible hells. How come those ghost knowing the unspeakable horrible hells? Because they are the ones released to wait in the between to enter into this world. They are all male, they don't think they can have any chance to love a woman good enough to bring them back 酒店兼職to heaven, therefore, sooner or later they would falling into that horrible hells again. Why they don't think they have any chance to love a good woman like me? because man all fool cannot stand a straight boring woman like me, this may explain how come God bless me to miss my sweetheart JoneLee's loving passion, because even my sweetheart may trash me had I indeed bending to his taste. You cannot make deal with slaves, good slaves can only use to guard your property, stupid bad ugly evil slaves would sold you out, eat your property bit by bit. Slaves only take orders, they cannot have t 房屋出租he ability to see right direction, slaves can only have evil eyes to take advantage of your stupid bad ugly evil weak, wicked to crawl further to please their master or to sold out their masters. China's good slaves either all die out, dried out or don't want to be seeked, because good slaves only love good masters like MouJerDong or Chiang Kai-Shake, unless China can have a good man can be trusted better than MouJerDong or Chiang Kai-Shake, those good slaves won't show up any way. Because MouJerDong and Chiang Kai-Shake looked like only good losers, in order to be good enough to lead the good better bes 酒肉朋友t slaves to win back their intitled land, their master must be better than both of them. This may explain how come "Chu.Good.Liang" did not want to come out to service any one before "Liu.Bay" pressed him to come out, the reason he did not come out voluntarily, because no one good enough to deserve his intelligent; the reason he bending to Liu.Bay's press, because no way any good man can win by fearing to face the evil doers once traced disclosed, therefore, he accepted the less evil "Liu.Bay" to work together. How could he know "Liu.Bay" 's sucks? you just need to see that stupid bad ugly evil Liu.Bay had two women to know his low l 酒店兼職ower lowest disgusting fools. How "Chu.Good.Liang" made up for "Liu.Bay" 's two women fools? I guess He made them travelling around with the troops and tasting food for their meals so that the evil women may have done their best to make sure the food's good tasteful. This may explain how come after "Liu.Bay" died, their troops seemed not fed as good as "Liu.Bay" 's alive time. Because without "Liu.Bay" around, "Chu.Good.Liang" did not have the authority to use "Liu.Bay" covering up to make them to taste the road hardshipness.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 帛琉  .
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